Easter 2010 we visited 12Stone in Flowery Branch, GA and I heard a great illustration that I thought I’d share. Using the Wizard of Oz as a back drop, this particular sermon touched on, among other things, how we often go for the abbreviated version of a story and miss a lot of the background that makes it so much richer and more meaningful.

The whole thing was pretty powerful, but I was especially gripped by the back story of the Tin Man. I’ve included two links below. I pulled the one that I heard and a version from a different time slot. They both are very good and highlight certain aspects slightly differently so listen to both.

Tin Man Illustration



How often do we start out with a noble pursuit for our family or a ministry, but end up so consumed with the process or the work that it becomes the end and we lose perspective? If not checked we’ll work harder and harder until one day we’ll find ourselves rusted and alone – heartless even to the point of casting off the very people or reasons why we even started out in the first place. It’s really powerful.

The pastor ties it in to how many people will rely on the “acts of their ax,” the work they can accomplish in spiritual terms, to make themselves right with God. But I was really affected by this illustration and thought that you might enjoy it too.

As an aside, there is a short film coming out based on the Tin Man’s story called Heartless. You can watch the trailer here

 and if you are interested in reading this section of the book you can find it here.