Several years ago, I recommended a study called Blueprint for Life. This study strikes a chord deep within me. I know many people will agree with the first line: “There’s something about planning your life and setting goals that just doesn’t add up.” Some of you might also agree that setting goals suggests “that we have the ability to control the future,” or that “it takes audacity to predict how life will turn out.”

My perspective is that when I am setting goals and working towards them, both personally and as a team with my wife and kids, I am not only more productive, but I am also filled with a greater sense of purpose. I don’t worry that I am presuming upon God or that I might not be following His will. Quite the contrary, I know that He is going to direct my steps.

I know that if I embark on a journey to discover God’s plan for me, He will reveal it. And though I have set off on this very journey many times, often not getting beyond the door, I also know that God is faithful and that it’s all about Him anyway.

First, the Bible teaches that it’s by His doing that I am in Christ. So my very calling unto salvation is totally and completely done by and for Him. The Bible also teaches that it is God who is at work in me both to will and work for His good pleasure. God called me, prompted me to respond, gave me the ability to repent and call upon Jesus for salvation, gives me the strength to persevere, and is at work in me for His purposes and His pleasure.

With that backing, I can confidently approach my life with enthusiasm. When I veer off course and attempt to forge my own path, I know that His guiding hand will redirect me. So the pursuit of a God-given purpose is very exciting for me. What does it mean to glorify God in all I do? How will it look to train up my children in the fear and admonition of the Lord? If I am loving my wife as Christ loved the church, what does that look like? Can I work in my industry and still keep balance, making it my aim to lead a quiet life and attend to my own business and work with my hands, as the Word says?

These are the types of questions we all have. And I think that when I seek God’s plan for my life and that of my family, He answers them in the context of my world.

It invigorates me to revive that sense of purpose for my life. Not the general type of thing where we can each say we exist to glorify God. I don’t deny that at all. I wholeheartedly agree and that is indeed my aim. Where I get confused often is in the how. A study like Blueprint for Life can help bring that back into focus.

Of course, a study like this isn’t for everyone and it is fairly intense. But if you are the type who thinks planning and goal setting are worth pursuits and you find yourself at the beginning of the year attempting to get a handle on purpose within your own context, I highly recommend this study.

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