In part one of From vision to action, we covered the fact that we need a God-sized vision of seeing the potential impact of our lives for generations, and that we can impart not only the Gospel message but our very lives to those around us.

Today, I would like to examine some practical aspects from 2 Timothy.

Practical Steps – 2 Timothy

It takes 21 days to form a new habit. Keep that in mind as you work toward the goal of catching God’s vision and purpose for you to participate in His redemptive work and as you move to putting actions literally on your calendar. Remember what we said earlier. When we truly grasp God’s calling and purpose for our lives, it will show up in each area of our life – calendar, checkbook and in the level of confidence in decision making.

Ch 1 V6 – Kindle afresh the gift of God – Literally fan into flame. That’s where we start.

V8 – Do not be ashamed of the Gospel – the testimony of the Lord. The Gospel is “transformative”, and as we’ve experienced it change our lives, we can witness it change others.

V9 – Know who called you and why

V12 – Stand with Paul and say “I know whom I have believed…”

V13 – Hold the example you have heard from faithful

V14 – Guard through the Holy Spirit what has been entrusted to you
-who dwells in us? (Rom 8:11) – That’s power
-what is the treasure?

Ch 2 V1 – Be strong in the grace that is in Christ Jesus.  Is he telling Timothy to draw strength from that grace or to have a large amount of it – to put energy toward developing strength in grace?

V2 – Impart what God gave you to others

V3 – Suffer hardships

V4-7 – Be focused

V8 – Remember Jesus

V10 – Understand why you do all this – For the sake of the chosen so they may obtain salvation and the glory that comes which is eternal life.

V14 – Check your attitude and watch what you say

V15 – Be diligent in study of scripture

V16-21 – Be a vessel for honor. It matters how we act and who we run with. It matters that we are involved in a Bible-teaching church.

V22-26 – Hang with positive people – Paul continues his thought or line of thinking from v14 and tells us how we should conduct ourselves under these circumstances.

Ch 3 V1-17 – Realize that you are going to suffer. V12 sort of summarizes the whole chapter. “indeed all who desire to live godly in Christ Jesus will be persecuted.”

Ch 4 V1-2 – Preach the word

Now , I realize that this is a letter from Paul to Timothy and both are full time ministers. We have to be mindful of scriptural contexts so we don’t extrapolate some instruction intended for the recipient and make it something for us. That said, my position on this is that the principle is true – we should be ready to preach in season and out. God gives us circumstances to be and share the Gospel.

V5 – Fulfill your ministry – It will be difficult at times but we should endure hardships. Our ministry may be w/in our family, our church, our business – but we each have a ministry.

V7-8 – Keep the end in mind – Let that be our testimony and let us remember what awaits us.

So there you have it. For those of you who love lists and to do’s. There’s your list. Very practical instruction from the Apostle Paul. Here’s my challenge.  Read 2 Timothy at least twice this week, asking God to speak to you in very real and practical terms as to what you need to work on.