I’m reminded of a story that happened back in June of 2007. We sat down for lunch one day, and I asked my then 6-year-old daughter if she would like to say the blessing. She began to pray and I was blown away and humbled. It was one of those heart-felt, “I’m in touch with God” type prayers that seem to flow out of children.

As I moved toward the pizza, I thought, “well, God has tipped his hand.” What I mean is that in spite of my own inconsistency, lack of discipline and oftentimes lack of being a positive spiritual role model, God is faithful and has his hand on my little girl.

Yes, I have responsibilities to impart “not only the Gospel, but my very life as well” to my children. But that moment underscored the fact that God is there…being God, doing the things only He can do. Like giving a child a glimpse of his majesty and sovereignty. And revealing himself to a 6-year-old little girl who is learning to put her trust in God not the world.

That little girl is now 16.