The eye is the lamp of the body. If then your eye is healthy, your whole body will be full of light.

In Matthew 6 this verse is sandwiched between discussing a focus on money and a focus on anxiety. It’s as if Jesus is placing this guard rail in the place where we need it most. ¬†For who among us does not wrestle with the lure of possessions and the power that comes with money? And who among us does not contend with the anxieties of ¬†daily living?

In Luke 11, it follows Jesus railing the Pharisees and his comments to the crowd in general about them being a wicked generation seeking signs. I wonder if the idea is that we are to be mindful where we focus in terms of Jesus’ work in and around us. Are we looking at him or at what he brings to the table?

While I’m not sure of the significance of its placement in each Gospel, or whether his words were spoken in each instance in the exact flow as it appears in scripture, I do know that I’m forced to ask myself two penetrating questions.

What have I been illuminating my body with? What manner of worldliness have I been shining into my soul?