We all face trials. It’s part of the human condition. In this sermon, we learn what the book of James reveals to us how we can respond to life’s trials. We also examine the multi-faceted definition of the word “trials” or “temptations”, which helps deepen our understanding of the text.


I have also included a transcription of the sermon if you prefer reading over listening.

I want to begin this morning by stating the obvious. We all experience trials — each one of us. If you are here today breathing, you have trials.  These trials, or temptations as it is often rendered in scripture, come in many forms. Maybe it’s an enticing situation; some heart-wrenching news or a catastrophic event. Perhaps we face the mental struggle to succumb yet again to that fleshly desire. Perhaps it is physical affliction or trouble, or it could be spiritual warfare raging within us – clawing at us to be defiant, angry, unforgiving, or unloving. Whatever the source; whatever the circumstances, we all know that it’s simply part of the human experience. Trials. You can’t escape them.