23 02, 2017


February 23rd, 2017|Planning, Spiritual Disciplines, The Christian Life|0 Comments

There are many things that can keep us from responding to God’s call to become fellow workers with Him, but for many who grapple daily with the chaos of modern life, time is a major impediment. Because there are no easy answers, the temptation for us is to forget the whole idea. What we need is margin. Margin is the extra space between the things we must do and our capacity. When we use up all that space, there is no margin. When extra demands [...]

16 01, 2017

Revival of purpose

January 16th, 2017|Planning, Resources|0 Comments

Several years ago, I recommended a study called Blueprint for Life. This study strikes a chord deep within me. I know many people will agree with the first line: "There's something about planning your life and setting goals that just doesn't add up." Some of you might also agree that setting goals suggests "that we have the ability to control the future," or that "it takes audacity to predict how life will turn out." My perspective is that when I am setting goals and working towards [...]

14 01, 2017

Ways to reduce stress

January 14th, 2017|Planning, Resources|0 Comments

In these hectic, and increasingly tense and uncertain times, it's important to reduce the stress in our lives. I received this list in an email several years ago and thought it still very relevant to us all. An Angel says, 'Never borrow from the future. If you worry about what may happen tomorrow and it doesn't happen, you have worried in vain. Even if it does happen, you have to worry twice.' 1. Pray 2. Go to bed on time. 3. Get up on time [...]

7 07, 2009

Life lessons from … Wayne’s World?

July 7th, 2009|Planning, Relationships, Spiritual Disciplines|0 Comments

This weekend I caught bits of Wayne's World and Wayne's World 2. It's been so long since I've seen these that I really didn't recall the story line. Anyway, in the second one, Wayne is transported several times to a desert where he receives guidance from Jim Morrison. One of the last scenes in the movie has Wayne and Jim discussing the meaning of what transpired. For some reason, I was struck by Jim's perspective. Here's the exchange. Wayne: Jim, why was I supposed to [...]

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